Sexual Abuse: Investigation of Rape, Sodomy, and Murder

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Sharon D. Kumar
Vishal Saini


There are widely increased in sexual abuse that becomes a severe predicament of every society. It has not only put permanent stains on the deceased, but as well as her entire family into degrades and shame. The sensual abuse cases' progressive contribution was being targeted mostly on women, infants, and homosexuals, by the disparate manner of assault-style like sodomy and the killer is male. Sadly, many children become the sufferer of sex-related homicides perpetrated by the individual who are intended to protect them from evil. Four categories of rapists are power reassurance, power assertive, anger retaliatory, and anger excitation. It is necessary to bring justice to society and should fear the consequences the criminals will face. We present a case study that will bring about the important facts and figures of how forensic science helps give conclusions to the cases. In some situations. Offender profiling has been debate on recommending psychiatric and psychological analysis of the sexual offender in such despicable crime.

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Kumar, S., & Saini, V. (2020). Sexual Abuse: Investigation of Rape, Sodomy, and Murder. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 6(02), 35-38.
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