Medico-Legal Aspects of Covid-19: Microbial Terrorism

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Ekampreet Kaur
Jaskaran Singh
Neeta Raj Sharma


The entire world is going through hard times because of the emergence of new pandemic named Coronavirus or COVID-19. The virus originated from Wuhan and has spread Worldwide. There are many questions arising regarding the origin of this fatal virus; whether it is natural or manmade. In the past years, many microorganisms were used as biowarfare agents for causing destruction. In 2001, anthrax attack took place in United States (US) by the use of bacteria, Bacillus anthracis which acted as a bioweapon and led to a number of deaths in Texas, US. This review summarises the origin, epidemiology, medico-legal aspects and the recent researches of the virus indicating its nature of being manmade or a natural virus.

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Kaur, E., Singh, J., & Sharma, N. (2020). Medico-Legal Aspects of Covid-19: Microbial Terrorism. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 6(02), 26-30.
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