Value of crime scene visit in an unusual accidental electrocution death ‐ A case report

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M. S. Kiran
Shashidhar C. Mestri


The advent of electricity, modernization and
industrialization are boon to mankind but at the same
time there is rise of accidental deaths due to flouting of
safety norms, callousness and ignorance. Electrical
injuries are common, and fatalities are rare but not
uncommon. It is often difficult to locate the site of entry
and how it would have occurred. The source of leakage
of electricity is very important to conclude and as well
prevent mortality and morbidity in future. Often,
dogmatic opinion is a must to claim compensation. The
Forensic Expert should visit the death scene before the
autopsy at least in complicated cases (if it is feasible),
and especially when one fails to come to a logical
conclusion by perusal of the documents like sketches,
photographs etc. prepared by the crime scene
investigation team. Many intriguing medicolegal deaths
may be resolved amicably by death scene investigation.
A visit by forensic expert to the scene of crime helps in
observing the body in the context of its surroundings.
One can pick up relevant trace evidences to arrive at
crucial conclusions viz. time since death, aid
investigating officer to trace the accused. Autopsy
surgeon can correlate and interpret findings during
autopsy. A rare case of electrocution is presented
where the site of exit of electricity was confusing. The
Autopsy surgeon’s scene visit cleared the doubts and
enabled the investigating officer to accurately
comprehend the manner of death, entry and exit, and
cause of death.

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Kiran, M., & Mestri, S. (2015). Value of crime scene visit in an unusual accidental electrocution death ‐ A case report. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHICS, TRAUMA & VICTIMOLOGY, 1(02), 51-55.
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