This journal is published to expand the academic activities and spread the knowledge, ideas and latest
research in the field of ethics, trauma, and victimology. This journal publishes original research papers, review
articles, case reports, letters to the editor and review of books on ethics, trauma, and victimology. This journal
is supported by the Society for Prevention of Injuries and Corporal Punishment (SPIC) and Indo Pacific
Academy of Forensic Nursing Science (INPAFNUS). This journal is supporting the aims of the SPIC and the
INPAFNUS. This journal also highlights the achievements of the SPIC, INPAFNUS and their members.
This journal covers the various aspects of ethics, evidence-based medical ethics, ethical dilemmas and
various dynamic issues related to ethics. It also covers the ethical issues related to Forensic Nursing Science,
Forensic Odontology, and Forensic Psychiatry. It also covers the ethical aspects of Toxicology including
Environmental Pollution. It covers issues related to all sorts of corporal punishment and their prevention,
particularly in schools. It covers physical as well as psychological aspects of trauma and clinical forensic
medicine related to all types of injuries and prevention of injuries. It covers all aspects of victimology including
etiology, crime scene investigation, and prosecution.